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Axiom empowers artists to build high-end effects such as fire, smoke and pyrotechnics. It’s tried and tested in professional working environments ranging from blockbusters to indie projects.


Axiom can be used to make effects for games as well as film and TV! Axiom has tight Houdini integration so you can use all the SideFX Labs tools to bring your creations to Unreal or Unity.

Fast Iterations

With a few small tweaks to the emitter and the solver, you can quickly get a variety of different results in a matter of minutes. These three simulations took 15 minutes to simulate combined.

Simplistic Workflows

With just a few Axiom nodes (three to be exact) you can get the results shown here. With Axiom, we are striving to simplify all of your pyro needs without compromising on quality.

Screenshot 2022-10-07 171457PNG2.2..png

Axiom is for FX Artists by FX Artists

Axiom is being used by freelancers, indie studios, and large studio productions.

Speed and efficiency are crucial in any production on any level.

Get started with Axiom

Freelancers & Indie Studios

Big TV & Film Production

Screenshot 2022-10-07 171457PNG2.2..png

Fully Deterministic

With Metal and Cuda, Axiom can use your system memory if you run out of GPU memory. No more switching to the CPU.

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